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The Restoration of the Divine Feminine Part 2

This a series of articles discussing the return of the Divine Feminine to the consciousness of both men and women. In Part 1 we discussed What Exactly is the Divine Feminine? and we continue to gather an understanding of the feminine aspect by reviewing or contrasting against the masculine aspect in this discourse today.

So is the Divine Masculine a loveless, evil, bigotted essence?

Not at all! However before we discuss the divine nature of the masculine we must understand the metaphysical meaning of masculinity. Our most recent history has been for the most part governed by left-brained thinking and hence our patriarchal society. When we understand how the masculine has manifested in the collective, we will then better appreciate the role of the feminine in the collective and why "she" is needed.

Related imageThe metaphysical masculine is housed in our left brains which is where our logical centers reside. Sequence is the building block for logic and consequently structure and so it is no wonder that a patriarchal, left-brained society would have focused on not only structuring society with laws and social organization but also would have spent a lot of time on erecting buildings and towers for our outward manifestations always follow our internal paradigms and programs.  

Just as the divine masculine is stored in the left, so too is the divine feminine stored in the right brain. For those who wish to dig deeper, you may want to check out Dr Jill Bolte Taylor a neuroanatomist who suffered a stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain and  was able to observe and later testify of how all her logical functions including basic skills like writing and speaking totally deteriorated as the ruptured blood vessel pervaded her left brain.

However to bring the discussion back to the topic of explaining the divine feminine in the collective, one interesting thing we learn from Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is that as the left side of her brain shut down, the right side of her brain became increasingly more evident to her psyche. At one point, she no longer saw people as individuals but saw everyone around her as an interconnected web of energy which, interestingly is what the latest scientific findings are showing. So, the right brain enables us to stop seeing separation and instead to perceive unity and to view things from a top down perspective, so we see the BIG picture whereas the left is what helps us to perceive details and uniqueness so that we could function within the world. While the big picture and seeing the interconnectedness of life makes us more loving, one may find that persons sitting heavily on their right brain side do not appear logical or functional in day to day happenings. So we say that they are more abstract or 'out-there' and so we also see that while the big loving picture is cool, if we want to contribute to daily living we have to be able to focus on completing specific tasks which is where the ability to perceive details and uniqueness as offered by the left brain becomes helpful.

What we need is a balance is needed between the two hemispheres in our brains on both an individual and collective scale which is what is happening now. The increase in intuitiveness, vivid dreams and visions and other clairvoyant capabilities is a due to the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine. 

At first we wanted to build something and this was good, but building upon the idea of separation eventually leads to competition and the complete absence of synergistic relations. We either bartered for what we wanted or fought and killed one another. In our wars, not only did the winners take everything but they also took the rights to how the story was told which later became enshrined as history.

The Divine Feminine returns to us lofty ideals for society and love and a yearning for more time in nature. It makes us want to be more interconnected and this does explain why divorce rates are going up and why more and more blended families will be a thing of the future. To the logical mind this would seem like a negative but eventually what will happen is that our children's perceptions of family will become more and more inclusive 

It also presents itself as a desire for senseless wars and killings to end as people become more sensitive and attuned to the fact that we are indeed all connected. 

As we spend more time in nature connecting with Gaia, she returns to us the lost sense of intuition and as this intuition returns to us she calls us further to disregard societal structures which do not support natural living. so actually the divine feminine in the current collective does quite frankly cause quite a bit of upheaval as it disrupts of long upheld beliefs which spoke of order but actually delivered disease and disharmony.
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It has been stated in ancient texts like the Vedas that every so often, some 26,000 years or so, we swing back and forth from a masculine to a feminine perspective of the world. However a few of us can see that this flip is different and unique for we stand at a powerful juncture where instead of flipping the energies, we can find a balance.

We need both of them. The divine masculine adds definition which is needed to appreciate the beauty of what is the divine feminine. Structure is needed as well but the structures must have a degree of flexibility and pliability to them so that they can expand and be moulded if required to support and encourage the existence of the natural environment.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Gods or Men?

Going Much Further

Photo by IntrovertlyBubbly

I thought I was to speak of the Divine Feminine and the balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. I thought I was to speak of the birthing of Christ Consciousness and I thought that I simply needed to urge people to go within, to meditate, spend time in nature and develop a relationship with GOD that was authentic.

I did not know that Spirit desired for me to go further - much further than that.

Over the last few months I have been plunged into depression and buoyed up by supernatural euphoria, threatened with mania and humbled by unexpected blessings, abased by jarring realities and overjoyed and finally content to simply walk the middle path. My spiritual journey has exposed me to varying sides of the very broad spectrum of emotions and experiences and like Paul I can say that

"I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need." - Phillipians 4:12
We are being stretched and squeezed, pulled and pushed, shaken and constricted - and this must all take place because we are changing into what - we do not yet fully know.

"In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. " - 1 Corinthians 15:52
We must be raised up! Love requires it....does it not?

Many are alarmed at the Mandela Effect phenomenon. Entire support communities and networks have been created to support those who are affected by it and mainstream media have even gone so far as to call it a cult. Yet, the pervading realization of the unreality of reality has shaken many to their very core. "Why are they doing this to us?" and who are the "they"?

Jump down the rabbit hole and peer behind the veil with me if you please....if nothing is real, if history itself could be rewritten, if physical structures can pick themselves up and move or pop up out of nowhere - what does this say to you?

How did you get here?

How did we get here?

Is this hell? 

This place of irrational fear which causes people to attack one another with great venom - is this hell?
This place where innocents are raped and killed - is this hell?
This place which speaks and breathes war - is this hell?
This place which takes you from the gusts of joy and slams you into the throes of sorrow with no warning - is this hell?
This place where good is decried and corruption is upheld - is this hell?
This place which we can all agree is not heaven - is this hell?

Are we paying for our sins here? 

What about little babies? 
Are they paying for their sins too? Possibly from a previous lifetime? 

Why did we commit those sins - whether they be in this lifetime or in a former one? 
Did we not know any better? 
Couldn't anyone have warned us?
Who on earth would submit to such grievous acts worthy of this kind of punishment? Because certainly this life and the cruelty of existence meted out to some of our brothers and sisters in war torn regions is painful to us all? Or do only some of us feel pain? 

For those of us who are pained, did we not love ourselves enough to choose another, less painful path?

Did we not love enough?

Were we capable of loving enough?

In the light of God's perfect love could anyone knowingly choose to deliberately separate themselves from bliss and joy? 

So then, we have been deceived......

Ok - some say we are sinners. 

 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God - Romans 3:23
Others that we are gods.

 "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." - Psalm 82:6
 Who are we? 

How can the same book that calls us sinners also call us gods?

It is either we are totally wretched sinful creatures who chose sin without knowing any better

"Then said Jesus, Fatherforgive them; for they know not what they do" - Luke 23:34

And if that be the case then how did we become this wretched and sinful? Even if you blame Mama Eve, what a heavy price to pay for us all to pay when her "crime" was that she was deceived. (1 Timothy 2:14)

In any case, Jesus Christ already pronounced that we are to be forgiven for we do not know what we do.

After all, can someone truly be accountable for that which they do not know?


Or is it that Psalm 82 is correct and we are gods!

Everybody likes verse 6 which tells us we are gods - but who reads the verse that comes after?

In fact, there is an entire chapter that deserves to be read.

" God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.
How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.
Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.
They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations

Psalm 82  

Returning to Love

Who are we and what are we doing here?

I do not know and I highly doubt anyone can tell me...but what I do know is that love is the only thing that makes sense. 
I have abandoned all other philosophical quests, I have abandoned all religions and creeds and I am on a journey now to learn how to love myself and those around me and those I may come into contact with.

I choose love even when I know that this world makes no sense.

I choose love even when I do not (and possibly cannot) know or understand Supreme Source aka the MOST HIGH GOD

I choose love even when others do not choose love

I choose love over and over again even when love is not offered or shown to me

Because nothing else makes sense.

I also (or most importantly) choose to love myself even when I mess up - even when I slip up - even when I do something that goes against my own perception of love - even when loving myself puts me at ought with someone else or my perception of how I should love them for so long as it means them no harm.... in which case it would not be love.

And maybe, just maybe this thing may catch on and others would choose love too or I may come into contact with others who also chose love and maybe little by little - we could hope or imagine that this place will start to make sense.

Who knows...maybe this is the point where as the psalm says we "die as men" falling from our place of royalty to then rise with God and claim our inheritance.

"And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together." - Romans 8:17

"Whatever the question, love is [always] the answer" - Wayne W. Dyer

Friday, 13 May 2016

The Restoration of the Divine Feminine Part 1

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The divine feminine, that essence within our consciousness which was sleeping for so long is now reawakening and becoming increasingly more  aware.

But What is the Divine Feminine exactly?
Is she a person? Is she even a she? Is this something only women experience? Does this represent a new religion? Is it the revival of goddess worship?

Image result for divine feminineDo any of her proponents truly know or is this just something that angry and/or confused women find themselves gravitating towards?

Even my opening line which references the divine feminine as an essence of our consciousness draws a complete blank for some while it perfectly resonates with others.

In this post, I will try to channel more clarity. However for what it is worth, the Divine Feminine resides in all of us - men and women but for some of us it is highly dormant while in others 'she' is fully functional. Please note that even as I say 'she', I do not really mean this essence is a is an essence. Let's go further!

The Divine Feminine in Collective Consciousness

We each have an individual consciousness which is to say we each have our perceptions of reality and an awareness which governs how we interact with our environment and with others. Collectively therefore, as a town, a nation, a country, a planet - we will all have a general perception of reality and awareness which governs what we deem to be acceptable or normal. However norms and perceptions of what is normal can be different in different geographic locations and so we also have pockets of cultural consciousness. In any society there will always be those that defy their own societal norms and they are thus regarded as outcasts or persons supporting fringe philosophies.

How do we define the divine feminine in collective consciousness? Well consider this, collectively at one time in the West, we were naive and perceived our governments and leaders through rose tinted glasses. We did what they said we should do. They told us go to war and we suited up and killed our human brothers. We defended our country, religion or culture by the way of sword. Compassion for the enemy was the sign of a weakling who himself possibly needed to be eradicated less his diseased mentality affected the whole.
Then that perception fell away.... the rose tinted glass was properly shattered with the putrid stench of scandal in high office which followed government after government and we started to question the things we were asked to do.

So we marched against war and questioned military funding. We started demanding that more funds be spent on nurturing the home - health care, education, social programs we cried needed these monies more.
Love when it evolves, must of a necessity first evolve as self-love but most certainly expands outwards thereafter...after all "love your neighbour even as you love yourself" and so we started to see the children of the enemy as our children. Why are we supporting the funding of warfare and bombings that will totally demolish a village with schools and children? Why are we investing so heavily on prisons instead of spending money on the education system to help nurture young brilliant minds before they turn to a life of crime?
Million Student March Organizer Darletta Scruggs

These are the questions we want answered like Darletta Scruggs from the Million Student March schooling a Fox News anchor in an April 2016 interview. See full article here.

So we became more sensitive...more compassionate...more conscientious and this is how the Divine Feminine manifests -  unlocking rooms within our very soul's consciousness to allow us to feel more.

Does this mean that the Divine Masculine a loveless, evil, bigotted essence? 

Part 2 coming up soon!

Monday, 30 November 2015

EE Story: The Little Lonely Tree

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There was once a little tree growing in a sparsely populated forest. The axeman had cut down most of the other trees leaving only their stumps behind and the other young trees that remained were so far away that the little tree felt quite lonely.

Then one day, the little tree spotted a little boy. He was with a little dog and they were both playing with a ball. The little tree enjoyed watching the boy and his dog. It was normally so boring in this part of the woods and the boy and his dog brought the tree much excitement.

Day after day the little boy came along with his dog and day after day the little tree watched the boy from afar. Then something strange started happening. One of the little tree's low branches started growing out ever so slightly, bit by bit every day it grew longer until one day the little boy walked right up to tree, climbed the tree and sat on the low branch which was strong enough to support his weight.

The little tree was quite delighted. Within a few more weeks, another branch, higher up, had grown strong enough so that the boy and his father slung a swing on it which the boy and the tree enjoyed immensely.

But then, one day, the little tree's worst fear manifested for the little boy had to move away. The little boy came and told the tree he had to go and he even cried and hugged the trunk of the tree, wrapping his hands around the tree's slender trunk. The tree did not want the boy to go but the boy, his father and his dog never returned after that day.

The little tree was  quite distraught and to make matters even worse, the horrible loggers came along one day and cut off the the tree's two longest, sturdiest branches which the little boy used to sit upon and swing from. The tree heard the loggers speaking amongst themselves. They found it quite strange that the branches from the tree seemed so mature when the tree was still so very young.

The little tree went into a depression.

She pulled all of her remaining branches and wrapped them around her body and drew up all of her roots onto herself. She purposed quite resolutely in her heart to wither up and die.

One night the Moon was out in her glory, shinning full and bright and the tree was sleeping when suddenly she heard a great thundering clap from the skies. Upon awakening the tree could not believe her eyes. She was surrounded by dense foliage and a strange, eerie light from the moon. All the trees that had been cut down, were standing tall around her.

Image courtesy

What is the meaning of this? How ever could this be? The older trees have all come back! Was she dreaming?

Then with one voice the other trees spoke.

"Yes Little Tree, you are dreaming. In the morning when you rise, you will still only see our stumps. We chose to visit you in dream time because we have a very important message for you."

"Wh-what message is that?" the little tree asked very timidly.

"Life is a gift which you must cherish and you are not doing a good job of that right now" the Great Spirit of the trees responded.

"Why should I? The loggers with their axes are just going to come and cut me down anyway and it's so lonely here. There is no point to life because there is no one to love!" the little tree replied in a frustrated tone.

"You must first learn to love yourself."

This made the tree pause. She had never considered loving herself before. Just then though she remembered the loggers again.

"Ok - fine! I can love me but what's the sense? As soon as I grow big and strong the loggers are going to come and cut me down. I'll still end up dead - just like you!"

Just then a mighty, rushing wind blew and kicked up all the leaves and branches around the little tree and the apparition of the great old trees completely vanished.

The little tree remained quite still, wondering if maybe the Great Spirit of the trees would speak to her again. She remained there waiting and hoping but when she realised they would not return she began to weep mournfully and fell back to sleep.

The next morning, the tree awoke with the rising of the sun and looked around at all the tree stumps around her. Memories of her dream from the night before came back to her mind and an unspeakable sadness threatened to flood her soul but then a persistent wind started to blow. It blew and blew and blew and many of her few remaining leaves jumped off of her and played merrily with the breeze.

Image courtesy

In that moment the little tree heard the voice of the Great Spirit of the trees and it asked her,

"Are we truly dead, little tree?"

Finally the little tree understood. 

Death is a choice that is presented to you with every day but you don't have to take it and those who choose to live life fully and truly every single day and in every single moment - never, ever really die. 

And so the little tree purposed to live and she remembered what the Great Spirit of the trees told her - that she must first learn to love herself.

The little tree looked at her drying branches and knew that she needed to spread her roots to find more nourishment. She also knew that she had to dig deeper to find greater reserves of water and so she did that.

Gently, day by day, the little tree began to unfold her branches, reaching them up into the sky so that her leaves could better absorb the life giving powers of the beautiful rays of sunshine.

It was such an ironic thing, for in living life abundantly she actually made herself more and more vulnerable. For at any moment the axeman could come and see her growing big and strong and decide to cut her down!
Yet, the tree knew that her spirit would go on, and resting securely in this knowledge the fear of the axeman eventually disappeared. ~ Trude Janssen
There was another thing too in that the more she practised loving herself, the more she yielded herself to the wonderful experiences of life and in so doing received many opportunities to love. Love made a full circle!
Birds started nestling in her branches and little animals came and found rest and shelter around her.
Even random human families trekking their way through the woods would stop to picnic at the base of her trunk, and several children climbed into her branches.
Someone even found the old swing from the first little boy she loved and re-hung it onto one of her many strong branches.

Image courtesy
Oh and she never cried when it was time for her visitors to go. She understood truly, that some like the little boy who she loved so long ago, would only be in her life for just a short while and that some she may only ever meet once. So she aimed to appreciate every moment and every encounter and to trust that the Universe will send more her way in time.

She learnt the art of loving fully in the moment, without attachment.

And yet another miracle was slowly manifesting around the tree. Other little trees that were once afraid to grow, were taking encouragement from her and grew mightily so that the once sparsely wooded area was now a beautiful thriving forest again. The tree soon had many friends all around her.

The tree was happy and her heart was content... but she never forgot the little boy she once loved.

One afternoon, the tree spotted a lovely couple - a man and a woman. There was something familiar about the man even though the tree took a while to understand what it was. The man walked his female companion right up to the tree, and threw his hands around her trunk and laughed heartily when he realised that his arms could no longer encircle the great big tree.

Image courtesy
It was the little boy all grown up now! He had never forgotten his favourite tree but was now a conservationist - which is a big word that basically means that he had secured a piece of paper (go figure!) that declared that this region where the tree grew was now protected.

Apparently he had secured this paper several years ago but had only now secured enough of another type of paper to buy a small acre of land quite near to his favourite tree where he intended to raise his family.

The man had a guitar and the woman had a lovely voice and together they would make the most beautiful music beneath the tree to the pure enjoyment and entertainment of the tree.

The tree's heart was so full, it felt like it would burst and yet the tree never forgot the lessons of her ancestors - every time she heard the thunder clap, or saw the leaves playing with the wind or felt a gentle breeze - she remembered her ancestors and she knew that one day she would have to join them but she also knew that she will do so willingly and gladly, without fear.

Image Courtesy the Internet

"O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"
~ 1 Corinthians 15:55

Dedicated to my fellow Selena Mooners 

Inspired by the Unity Breath as taught by Drunvalo Melcizedek

In love and light always,

Elizabeth Energy

Monday, 23 November 2015

Wings Signal Work!

Wow! We had some pretty intense energies over the last few months and 2015 is certainly living up to all of its predicted hype! Energy sensitive individuals and empaths took a beating emotionally, mentally, physically, financially - ok look! We took a beating on all sides and we still are dealing with some turbulences!
However - all in all - there is a general feeling that things are changing for the better.....because they are!

Sometime around August this year, the energies changed and took on a more grounding vibe. In the earlier months there was a surge in creativity and inspiration and many were engulfed with dreams and visions and generally speaking there was a lot of excitement mixed with fear as change was an important theme at that time. It was a season of transformation which I called the cocoon phase. But then August and the last Super Moon of September 28 came and the energies, which felt more masculine in nature, helped us to balance our euphoria with some logical reality checks.

 Now, equipped with the vision, yet grounded by a balanced perspective - we have entered the season of wings.
Many empaths, including myself, saw butterflies in our visions and dreams or felt particularly drawn to butterflies and that's because wings were distributed in the spiritual realm which means that it is now our time to fly and our time to work.

There is no question that the butterfly's beauty lies within its wings. They allow the butterfly to fly and are often visually appealing.
Yet there is a lot more to a butterfly than its wings. 

Butterflies, fluttering from flower to flower, are doing more than just flying around looking pretty!

They are busy at work, ensuring that one of life's most important processes - that of pollination, takes place.

So yes - it feels awesome to have wings but the mere fact that you have been so endowed means that you have work to do! I can't tell you what your work need to know that for yourself. 

To the rest of us, let's flap those wings and get to work!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Stay Calm - Positive Energy Needed!

Ok guys - this one is short! The energies are all over the place this week and I've barely had a chance to catch a breath. Not to mention the amount of things that seem to be happening specifically to get me irritated and upset!

However I had to remind myself to breathe. I had to remind myself to stay calm. I had to shut it all down and go into my quiet place and tap into the Eternal Source of All and find my center and ground.

Then this morning - oh my word  - visions and dreams with so many messages and all of them so potent. I'll just divulge one...


So there I am running and yes of course someone is behind me. This is very much a recurring dream that I've been having for years. However just last week I programmed myself to have a different response to this dream - different to the one I usually have. I told myself last week that I won't run and that I will face my pursuer.
So here I am running, heart pounding, noise of my pursuer behind me - thoughts of demons and other dreadful things threatening to fill my mind when (and guys THIS IS THE POWER OF THE LEFT BRAIN - this is what you are supposed to use lefty to do!) it comes back to me that I had said that I won't run again.

So I stopped.

Just to give you a bit of my history with lucid dreams - as a person who has been lucid dreaming for most of my life, I have well mastered the art of changing my dreams. A few years ago I decided that I will stop using that control and instead see where the dreams go. Shortly after making this decision I had a dream which to date is the scariest experience of my life and then the scary dreams significantly subsided.

Back to current dream - I stopped and I stopped with awareness!

Based on all my spiritual training and growth, I know that I can face this and that I am the one running the show in my dreams.

I then turned around and willed myself to face my pursuer and what I saw blew my mind away even within my dream.

I saw a being who was perfectly transparent and in my dream I remember thinking "this is a shadow" but yet it was not a shadow as I could see through it. Only a humanoid outline was perceptible.

The being then raised it's arm and waved at me and smiled - I sensed the smile because I truly could not discern facial features.

It then ran off along a different path from the path I was on leaving me to watch and wonder in amazement.

Guys - the lessons are tremendous. One lesson that I pulled from this experience was this:

"Many times our fears are nothing more than tools that are being used to help us grow."
 Clearly I could see that this being, who probably chased me for most of my life in my dreams, was deliberately chasing me. This "shadow" was actually serving me. Helping me to reach the point where I would summon the courage to turn around and face my fear. Once I did that - it ran off. Why? Because it's job was accomplished!

I know that I personally would not have reached this place without my practice of meditation. We all have shadow issues but the best way to deal with shadow is to turn on the light. The light here could mean many things. It could mean your conscious awareness, or your acceptance, or your ability to love yourself in spite of your flaws.

And here is the really great news - We are the children of the Light! And it's our divine birthright to constantly walk in the knowledge of this light.

Well like I said earlier - this is a short one but there's a lot to chew upon.

So - love, light and blessings everyone!


P.S - Stay positive!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Better Question than Love

Reflections For Those In Abusive Relationships

Image Courtesy The News Chronicle
Quite recently I watched what may well be deemed a controversial video within the Awakening and New Age communities. My beautiful soul sister Hope Jemimah shared it on her Facebook page and it caused some great controversy. The video of contention was Matt Kahn's Soul Contracts, Twin Flames and Soul Mates Redifined. Allow me to preface this blog post by saying up front that I have no desire to attempt to define or redefine these terms - this is not what this blog is about.

Now, I truly did not watch the entire video - I find myself doing that a lot of late: buying a book and not finishing it, starting an interesting article and then just skimming's almost as though I go in - take just what I need and then leave. It's just the way Spirit is working with me these days. 

Anyway back to the Matt Kahn video - the one thing that he said that jumped out and grabbed my attention and had it fully for the last few days since watching his video is (and I'm paraphrasing a bit):

"If you stay with someone long enough you will fall in love with them even if you hate them - because your core nature is love."

Now don't we see evidence of this all the time - whether it be the Stockholm syndrome that kidnap victims face or the woman who cries mournfully at the graveside of her abusive husband? Surely the psychologists and psycho-analysts would probably offer a more technical and logical explanation, but I personally believe that our true nature is love and that the Divine is choosing to have a multitude of physical experiences through and in us. 

However the moment that you resonate with this truth that we are all love at our core, the reality of life challenges you to see people - not based on this absolute truth but on their relative truth. 

So the absolute truth is that co-worker who gives you a hard time is an expression of God and that you should love her....but the relative truth- the truth you experience -  is that she is a backstabbing fiend who attempts to undermine you at every opportunity she gets. 

Imagine this scenario now: You are working on an ultra-important project but your co-worker envies the fact that you were chosen for this project. She has even presented herself as a better candidate for the project to your boss! 

You just sent your final report to the printer but when you go to collect it - it's not there. When you look down the corridor you see your good 'friend' or rather fiend walking away with a stack of papers in her hand. You approach her but she denies having your report but your 'spidey' sense aka intuition is shouting to you that your report is in her hands. 

You can't just say "Peace my sister" and walk away. Consider this - God is using this opportunity to challenge you to honour your intuition and speak up for yourself. You have been a doormat for far too long and have stamped down your intuition for far much longer. Yes you can re-print your report but do you really want it in her hands when you know she wants your project?
Image courtesy:
Title: Workplace Backstabbing

Now I'm not advocating that you accuse her forthwith but maybe you can say 

"Oh really, can we just go through the papers you have in your hand because I know that I just sent my report to print and I believe it got mixed up with your print job." 

As your report miraculously jumps out of the stack in her hands, she apologizes and calls it a genuine mistake...let's not judge - maybe the mistake was indeed any case, this is the place where you can show love! 
What is vitally important to the universe though, is that you stood up and honoured your intuition!

Now what does this have to do with the Matt Kahn video or abusive relationships. Well believe it or not - you playing the doormat to your co-worker's overt and covert tactics is an abusive relationship and according to Matt, that co-worker is a twin flame sent to meet you on your path and help you to accelerate your soul's evolution!

Now you see why the video is so contentious - because so many of us are just so attached to the idea of a 'one and only love for me'  twin flame romance song! I'm deliberately not getting into that conversation.

However, Matt did make me think about a relationship I walked away from and one of the hardest things for me has been trying to resolve whether I loved enough...or whether there was enough love and then all of a sudden I realised that the question of love is totally irrelevant. 

When at the core of our beings, we are all love for we all possess the Divine spark buried deep within us, we realise that we are all capable of loving. The problem is that we are inconsistent or incomplete in the loving as we suffer from unconsciousness - lacking the full awareness of who we really are!

The grieving wife at the husband's graveside telling everybody how she much she loved the dearly departed is not crying - in that moment - for all the times he hit and abused her but rather for all the good that she beheld in him. She is also grieving for what could have been and all the 'if only's' her marriage faced. If only he did not drink so much...If only they had more money.....

Did he abuse her and make her life miserable? Yes
Did she love him? - Most certainly - she stayed and hoped and prayed for the best.
Did he love her? I would like to suggest that yes he did! In his sober moments when he held her and sobbed and promised to never abuse her again - his agony was birthed from a place of momentary remorse and dare I even say - love as well!

Now we can argue that this is not a good representation of love and that abusive love is not true love and I would agree with you! 

However I will add that the higher perspective, that you are in position to have, is because you know better! The woman who stays - does not know better. This love - that buys her flowers one week and bandages the next - is the only love she knows, which is why you cannot use love to get her to leave!

Should she have stayed with him to live a life of pain and misery? You may say that we cannot go back in the past especially as our imaginary guy is already dead! 
However allow me to superimpose another image into our story - that of their daughter - a child who grew up watching this abuse and has now hand picked a guy who is 'just like daddy'. 
This daughter, based on her home environment, associates love with abuse and has consequently chosen a lover who abuses her.

Let's say you are a friend of this daughter and you try to explain to her that she is repeating a cycle of abuse and that she should walk away from her guy. She looks at you and says "But I love him....and he loves me."

Can you truly deny their love? Can you call her stupid and thereby subject her to verbal and emotional abuse? Especially when you know how her father treated her mother and that she loved both her father and mother?

Do you now see why Matt Kahn's statement was such an epiphany?

If we could all understand that we love - whether in part or in full - because that is what we truly are, then a better question to ask  is not - Is there love? But
Can there be growth?

Real Questions on Growth:

  • Can you truly grow into the full capacity of your God given potential with someone who disrespects you and does not value you? 
  • Do you even have any idea of how much potential you have? 
  • Can your abusive partner grow into all that God has designed for him or her if you stay and facilitate their need to hurt other people by presenting yourself as a willing and submissive target? 
  • Can you truthfully grow together and have a loving and healthy relationship where boundaries are set and respected? 
  • Based on your real experience (as opposed to your fantasized desires) - are you being honest with yourself?
  • Can your partner support and encourage you to pursue your passions - even if those passions are less about making money and more about fulfilling your soul's purpose?
  • Does your partner nurture and support your vision for yourself or your business?
  • Is your partner comfortable with you flourishing even as they don't?

Special Note for Victims of Physical Abuse:
If you experience physical abuse, you cannot effect change and help your partner grow if you stay! Your life is in danger and your life is precious. Please contact the relevant authorities.
It is okay to love your abusive spouse or partner - it is not okay to live with them. 
You guys need separation and external help via counselling etc. if you have to make it work.

To the victims of verbal and emotional abuse - your situation is actually pretty dire because of how sinister and undercover emotional abuse can be. If you truly believe that the two of you can grow together and you are both willing to conscientiously seek therapy and get the help needed...then you guys have a chance of making it.
Image courtesy Examiner

You cannot make it if:

  • Only one of you sees a problem
  • Only one of you is committed to seeking help
  • Only one of you is committed to changing
  • Your partner is treating your therapy as a charade
  • Your partner is narcissistic and does not see his/her narcissism

Let's face it - the only way you could be content in an abusive relationship is if you lower your expectations and kill all the dreams you had for yourself - especially the dream of how you wanted to be loved and treated.

And everyone has dreams on love. You just may have forgotten yours if you think you don't have them. Revisit your inner child...

You may think that you are simply not growing and that you are comfortable with being stagnated and you may even tell yourself that it's a sacrifice you are making...maybe for your children perhaps. 

Here's the problem with that:

Nothing remains the same - not even stagnation.  Eventually, slowly but surely and possibly imperceptibly at first, stagnation gives way to death.

First you kill your long-term dreams, then you kill your day to day expectations, eventually you kill your opinions and by the time you have killed your hope, you have long lost the battle for you. 

If you have to take away only two things from this blog post, take this:

A constantly diminished you cannot truly serve another person - not even your abuser.

The more you grow, the more your understanding of love grows and this places you in a position to love better and be a better YOU!

So you may love and you are free to love, but can you grow? - that is the better question!

In love, light and blessings


Leaving you with this heart stirring song from Chrisette Michele which may help some of you...:)

"Yes I love you but I really got to lose you
Freedom is where I want to be
Yes I'll probably always love you
But I'm moving
I got to do this for me!" 
 ~ Blame It On Me by Chrisette Michele